Mike Owens
Mike Owens
President & Founder

It all began at a SCI Convention in Las Vegas, when word got around that GMS had the #1 whitetail deer breeding/ herd management software in the United States.

Whitetail deer breeding began in the early 1980s when a few Texas ranchers discovered that they could produce whitetail deer with antlers that surpassed the norm for free ranging whitetails by using the same breeding techniques commonly used to produce quality cattle. Thus, they created a market for stocker animals for hunting operations across the United States. Since that time the industry has grown exponentially in both dollar value and the size of antlers. The whitetail deer and hunting industries in Texas is now a $3 billion industry surpassing agriculture giants such as the rice and citrus farming industries. Early on, the goal was to consistently produce deer that would grow 200-inch racks, today it is common to see bucks growing 500-inch racks.

As the industry grew, it quickly became clear that proper record keeping was needed in order for successful breeding operations to consistently produce monster whitetail bucks. The value of these animals began to increase and thus the need for proper paperwork was demanded. This also led to the need for DNA proof. A handshake and your word were no longer excepted when hundreds of thousands of dollars were on the line. Buyers demanded proof that the animal they were purchasing was who and what was represented. One of the biggest problems was how breeders were keeping these records. Memory, plus pen and paper, were the most common. Some were using customized spreadsheets, while others were attempting to use software programs that were tailored to the cattle or equine industries. All of those methods worked to a limited degree, but none were specifically designed to the whitetail industry, thus creating many issues of inaccurate, outdated or many times lost data. Without the correct information, the value of an animal greatly diminished.

One of our most popular quotes here at GMS is “You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure,” this stands true for all game breeders, whether it is whitetail deer or Cape buffalo. Having the right information will allow you to make the correct decisions when it comes to the quality of your animals. Be it your nutritional program, culling program or breeding schemes. If you don’t have the correct data you will never be able to achieve your management objectives.

After meeting with several game breeders from South Africa and making a few trips to SA to get first hand experience with the breeding farms, it was clear to us that the needs were the same no matter what country or what species you have in your operation and that what we have built for the whitetail breeder could easily be modified to accommodate the African game breeders.

We have been developing the GMS software for the past eight years. It has become the most comprehensive, yet simple to use, program in the U.S. market. For the past year and half we have been collaborating with several of the top game breeders in South Africa to modify the solid foundation of GMS to bring you GMS Africa, now, the premier Game Breeding Software in SA.